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Chad was a 'jakker active mainly on the /tv/ board of 4chan and briefly /qa/ during 2019 and 2020. He is noted for having formally invented the art of soy duelling in August 2019, for which he is known as "the father of soy duelling". He was also the first to call out the "DOCTOR SAID YOU HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA THEREFORE IT REAL" fallacy (originally "YOU HAVE SCHIZOPHRENIA DOCTOR SAID IT THEREFORE IS REAL"),[1][2] a pioneer of avant-garde soyposting, metasoyposting, schizosoyposting and other advanced forms of soyposting-as-art, first to instruct /qa/ on the Soyical Arts and an instrumental member in the early spreading of Soyjak culture.[3] He is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential 'jakkers of all time.

He has claimed to have "never lost a soy duel".

The Slow-Burners

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leaked images of the server

Chad operated a Discord server centred on soy-duelling discussion called "The Slow-Burners" in which he was the sole participant. He deleted it in May 2020 citing infiltration by "soyboy spies".


Chad on the Soy conspiracy.

Chad has expressed contradicting views on "Soy horror". He is an outspoken critic of psychiatry,[4] and has condemned femininity, utilitarianism and materialism.


In 2020 Chad was reportedly institutionalised after having been diagnosed with schizophrenia,[5] however many people claim he was assassinated by the CIA (probably on orders from the Soy Cabal). Others believe he has escaped and is hiding from the Cabal.

Chad said he was writing two large books about soyposting, "The History of Soyposting" and "Elements of Soyposting". As of 2023 there have been no updates on the status of either book[it just is, ok?].