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The 'za has been ordered.


This page is topaz.

The chuddy, enjoying the 10 piece chicken nuggets he got from strangers on an image board
He looks like a crossbreed between a chudcel and a soyboy (chudboy or soycel? (soycel for sure)

Soydash is a food service in which you ask soyteens on /soy/ to buy you Doordash via posting your own address. This method of food delivery is fairly new and has been done only once by a chud-looking 'teen on February 13, 2024.

The original thread

>>mutt devours an entire box of chicken tendies in under three minutes >geg

It started with a 'teen making a thread titled, "can someone doordash me some food im really hungry", a few minutes later another 'teen responded saying he's on it. OP responded with hesitation and asked if he was being legit and the 'teen reassured him. OP then sent his full address and requested chicken nuggets from McDonalds.

The 'Dash has been delivered

Time passed by, 'teens were anxious on whether this poor chud just doxxed himself for no reason. But then suddenly, a thread popped on the 'log titled, "Whoever wanted the 'dash, it's sent. Enjoy." alongside a picture of a confirmed Doordash order to the address posted in the original thread. Something as outlandish as this caught the attention of Froot, and he replied, "bought me food for free again award". After that, OP posted a picture of the Doordash order being completed, and asked for a Snopes Fact Check™ to confirm it. That's when the chudteen from the original thread sent a picture of himself holding a McDonald's delivery bag with the phrase, "MCDONALDS FUCKING ACQUIRED THANKS /SOY/" in all his chuddy glory. He then sent a video of himself unboxing the nuggies, whilst profusely thanking the soyteenGOD who gifted him his meal.[1]

>tfw no maccas


Post your full address on the bald man with glasses cartoon website to get free stuff.