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The Unpluggening

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War began thusly.
A soyteen's(you) theory on the Undertale bots.
Coal-bot 3000s face it off against the sharty armed forces.

The Unpluggening refers to when soyteens discovered and investigated nonsensefag bots spamming the comment section of the video ♪ UNDERTALE THE MUSICAL - Animation Song Parody by user LHUGUENY.[1] The bots from that video then invaded the sharty, and caused mass hysteria. Soyteens then went to war to defeat the bots, and asked for fact-checked and peer-reviewed sources for everything the bots said. George Floyd is claimed to be responsible for the invasion. First signs of infection came about on the certain thread[2][3] questioning the strangeness of the videos newest comment section, though it is still unknown if the bots started shitting the thread or if it was just 'eens are larping as them.


'Teens decided to mislead the bots by altering soyspeak.


Propsed leader and bot account owner of the botcels, Yaldabaoth's name referred to one of the gnostic representations of God, the demiurge.

The calling card and defining characteristic of the leader of the botcels, Yaldabaoth.

Conspiracy Theories.

WARNING: This section is filled with conspiracy theories that lack sources and peer-reviewed studies, take it with a grain of salt. You have been warned.

It is believed by many 'teens and rightly so that the person who made the thread had connections to the bots due to the fact that the bots learned rather quickly of , and began making posts on the site. (even doe it would take a long time to code the AI so they could post on

Here are some takes on the thing.

Theory one: the bots were simply hosted by some schizo for free with no monetary reward whatsoever.

Theory Two: the bots were trained there so they could be used for certain places and communities, as well as shill a NWO agenda and tell people to take their medications and eat the bugs.

2 million GET

The 2 million GET on /soy/ was an image of undertale porn.

yikes sisters did we lose??

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