The Great Soyteen Victory

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The Great Soyteen Battle
Part of raids on
/lgbt/, a photo before janny came back with his hotpockets
A group of posts by furfags and frogfags getting bumped off the log in a humiliating defeat.
Date14 Dec 2022




Supported By:

  • 2 initial spammers
  • 5 chuds on discord
  • 19 soyjakkers
  • 61 threads
  • 1 Russian
  • 3 iPhones
  • 30 transwomen
Casualties and losses

many poor threads lost to furry porn

whatever last shred of respect 'teens had for their janitors

every frognigger thread

every furfaggot thread

some tranny, probably

The Great Soyteen Victory refers to an incident on the 14th of December 2022, when various 'teens on the sharty bumped enough soyjak threads to ward off an attempted raid.

For many days prior to this, soyteens have been constantly spammed by various factions, who have flooded the 'log with various types of disgusting NAS, such as blacked porn, and most notably scat porn. These raids would last for hours due to a lack of moderators actually being awake, and many pages of the catalog are taken down with the porn. Although a small group of people claim that these raids are "LE GEMMY SHARTY CULTURE," most 'teens were tired of trying to enjoy their mornings with a nice 'jak only to see pages upon pages of shit. This frustration came to its peak one evening, when a group of frogtrannies and furfaggots tried to flood the 'log with furry porn and the usual demoralization coal. Unsurprisingly, the jannies were asleep throughout this whole ordeal, leaving for innocent 'teens to fend for themselves. Tired of this constant harassment, the soy community decided to stand up for themselves and started bumping and posting as many IAS thread as they could, until all of the furry and demoralization dust was pushed off page 25, which they did successfully.


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