War on Self Inserters

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War on Self Inserters
Part of 4th Soyvil War

A self insert thread being shat up with emojis
Date3rd of October 2023 - 4th of October 2023
Result Emojis banned off the sharty.

Angry Chudcel:

Baby bot

They do it for free:

soyjak.party moderation

Self Inserters:

People who are too young to be here

'corders, troons, and avatarfags
Commanders and leaders



Casualties and losses
Countless proxies banned

A few hours of wasted time

Gigabytes of wasted internet bandwidth

The War on Self Inserters was a mental breakdown had by Ronald, owner of Soyjak.in and it's children sites, on those who avatarfag with Soyjaks. Ronald would shit up threads with ungodly amounts of spinning emojis, severely lagging the browser of anyone who attempted to view the threads thereafter. Ronald stated that he runs the bot because "legit everytime i come on the sharty its literally just neutralpliers staring at me, whining about how they get cucked at school or some shit" or something

Ronald confirms ownership of the emojispam bot

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