Chud Skirmishes

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The Chud Skirmishes, also known as The Nusoyvil war, are a renewed series of conflicts that center around the question of how seriously 'teens must take their chuddy ideology. Chud proponents allege that the sharty was always a right wing website and that it needs to be outspoken in its hatred of all leftist ideas, even centrist ones, and that anything else is an attempted subversion by offsite trannies. On the other side, antichuds say that chuds are annoying Twitter immigrants who do not care about sharty culture, and should go back to /pol/.

It should be without saying that this war utterly cancerous and only serves in dividing the sharty. It has gotten so bad that threads during eurohours posting a single pink chudjak receive 130+ replies in under an hour.[1]

An example of anti-centrist propaganda. Experts suspect this to be a "discord" plant to sow division among the soy community.
Chud Skirmishes

A centrist piece of propaganda. Which shows how the people that is engaged in the war looks like.
DateSince before the locking of /qa/ - Ongoing

Chud self inserters

Twitter (allegedly)



Trannies (allegedly)

Commanders and leaders
Root (formerly) Leftypol (formerly, but accused to still lead in secret)


There has always been 'teens hating trannies and trannies (or people just larping as trannies) baiting them vice versa. But since the flood of rapefugees from Twitter and other sites, a growing number of soyteens have taken this to the next level and begun self inserting as chudjaks, which only emboldened the bait posters. This escalation has caused both classic sharty gems and days where the 'log was pure cancer.

Somewhere around February 2024, Root made a comment declaring the sharty a "chud website", along with a Chud self insert, and proclaimed that all trannies must leave the site. What followed was a brief civil war with bitterness not seen since Soyvil War 3. He quickly retracted the claim and even banned a couple of chuds who participated in the slapfight, thoughever this brief scuffle showed the split between the users of the sharty that is only widening according to peer reviewed sources.

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