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Wojak variant
Origin/leftypol/, Bunkerchan (August 30th, 2020)[1]
Booru Posts 7780+ As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromPatrick Crusius

Chudjak, sometimes also called Poljak, Chudcel, or Chudjaqueena[No one says this, meds now], Le /pol/ face, 卐, Chudbob soypants, Or just Chud. is a Wojak variant that was made to mock right-wing /pol/ users, which is now used broadly to mock and imitate right-leaning individuals in general, specifically ones who envision and advocate for white superiority (heckin unwholesome). His facial features include almond-shaped eyes, thick-framed glasses [even doe those are an accessory], indented nasal folds, big lips, thick eyebrows and a distinct lack of chin. While these particular features are often attributed to adolescent mass-shooters and far-right extremists, 'jak fact-checkers have found evidence to suggest that an obsession with American politics, regardless of affiliation, can often cause an individual to develop this particular phenotype. As such, it is also commonly used as a template for trannyjaks, commiejaks, and other wojak edits meant to mock left-wingers. Because of Chudjak's polarizing nature and extreme versatility in being used against various political demographics, posting a Chudjak can often result in other posters retaliating with their own Chudjaks. This can lead to a thread devolving into warring factions quoting each other with Chudjak edits, a phenomenon remarkably similar to a conventional soy duel. Some /pol/ and /pol/ adjacent users have also chosen to self-identify as the Chudjak, making images such as Roman art parodies depicting chuds "looking like and saying that."

The word "Chud" stands for "Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller", which comes from the 1984 bone-chilling, character-development-driven, cheap-jumpscare-free, emotionally-draining, gender-defining slow-burn science fiction horror movie C.H.U.D. and was popularized as a pejorative against right-wingers by the podcast Crapo Brap House.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The origin of the Chudjak is disputed, but it is said that an earlier front-facing version of the Chudjak, originally called "le /pol/ face", originated on the German imageboard Kohlchan to make fun of raiding /pol/ users before the currently popular "Wojakified" version was created in August 30th, 2020 on the now-defunct website Bunkerchan.[1]

Disputed Status As A Soyjak[edit | edit source]

The question of whether or not Chudjak should be considered IAS or NAS had been a controversial issue during much of 2020-22, but nowadays it is pretty much unanimously agreed that he IAS. Those who considered him NAS argued that he lacks the defining soyboy characteristics of an open mouth and a stubble, while those who considered him IAS appealed to the fact that Chudjak has design constituents similar towards those of a 'jak.

Official status as IAS[edit | edit source]

SoyBooru allows all Chudjak edits[2] under variant:chudjak, and Chudjak was listed as a contestant for the Variant of the Year 2022 strawpoll. Chudjak is also featured in a couple site banners, further cementing official recognition. These facts confirms that Chudjak is a soyjak and this has been rebunked by mutliple peer-reviewed studies.

In soyduels[edit | edit source]

The usage of Chudjaks in Soy Duels is generally despised, although in 2022 Chudjak vs Trannyjak edits saw an increase in popularity, and are arguably the most popular type of dueling these days.[3]

Right Wing Usage[edit | edit source]

Registered Democrat[edit | edit source]

Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.
An images that claims Patrick Crusius is a registered democrat. This has been debunked.[4]

Many right-wing /pol/ users attempted to reclaim the meme in their favor, a popular example of these attempts is the registered democrat image (shown here) which claims that Patrick Crusius, the person Chudjak is based on, was actually a registered left-leaning individual who identified under the Democratic Party. DEBOONKED BY LE SNOPES[4]

There has also been attempts at relating Chudjak to other popular leftists rather than Patrick Crusius such as John Oliver, Bernie Sanders, Stephen Colbert, and many more.[5] But the more popular one of these is Doreen Ford, a transgender r/antiwork janny who participated in a Fox News interview.[6]

Self Insert[edit | edit source]

Some Chuds choose to identify as Chudjaks online, this usage isn't very common on /pol/ but it's more popular on (and formerly /qa/). Popular edits include Chudjak killing trannies,[7] Chudjak Roman Art parodies,[8] and Chudjak edits featuring him possessing abnormally sized genitals as a white man otherwise known as the "BWC" the terminological rival towards "BBC".[9]

Bunkerface[edit | edit source]

For a while, chuds identified this meme as Bunkerface due to its heavy Bunkerchan origins in its early days of usage.[1]

Popularity outside the Party[edit | edit source]


The West has fallen. Millions must die.
kys twitter immigrant

Chudjak has gained moderate popularity as a meme outside the party on sites such as Twitter and Reddit. He is mostly known as the "Millions Must Die Wojak". This popularity has led to many people on these sites making their own edits of Chudjak in the "Millions Must X" format.[10]

Henceforth, this has spawned the Brimstone inadvertently linked towards the major influx of Troons, Twitter Users, and Discordians in the sharty, otherwise known as "Chudbob Soypants" contrary to the pre-requisite recognition soyteens exhibited to the gem around the time it was made.

Citations[edit source]

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