Perro Rabioso Soyjak

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El Perro Rabioso

Soyjak variant
Origin/int/, 4chan (December 28, 2020)[1]
Booru Posts 666 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromEl Perro Rabioso

Perro Rabioso Soyjak, more commonly known as Perrojak is a soyjak variant that first appeared on /int/[1] on December 28th, 2020. Like all soyjaks, he has glasses, a beard, and an open mouth. This 'jak in particular has a crazed expression and appears to be yelling at the viewer. Perro Rabioso stands out from other soyjak variants for being drawn with thicker lines and in a more realistic style than other soyjaks.


"El Perro Rabioso" ("The Mad Dog" in English) is a nickname given to a man named Emilio, a Mexican sports fan who gained notoriety due to his exceptional enthusiasm and passion for soccer club "Club America".[2]


The coal that almost killed the party

Perro Rabioso soyjak is one of the less popular soyjaks, with few edits being made of him. His most popular and reposted edit[3] depicts him as the Reddit mascot, Snoo, which is ironic considering the fact that redditors tend to have contempt for sports, often mocking sports by referring to it as "sportsball" and making fun of those who buy yearly released sports video games because buying the same game every year is "le bad" despite they're fun and gemmy. Recently, Perro Rabioso has gained popularity as many new edits have been made of him, including the infamous "gem that saved the party/sharty and the traced commie tranny neovagina edit (WARNING: NSFW). As of 2022, a new edit was created with Perro holding his hand out, receiving a mixed but mostly possitive reaction.



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