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Mutt-Euro War

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*tap tap tap* uhhhh there's an obsessed yuropoor looking at me through this glass or something like that, yeah

This burger was created by or has connections to YUHROPOORS or something
Don't eat anything you see. Shart on every revision in the page's history to learn the AMERICAN TRVMP-GIVEN PATRIOTIC TRVTH or whatever.
Mutt-Euro War
Part of Impossible Whopper 4 or something

Peace and hamburgers or whatever
DateOctober 26th
  • /soy/ catty gets flooded, comprising mostly of mutts
  • Some (particularly self inserters) call for Mutts to be banned
  • Mutts are hashbanned on November 11th 2023
    • Muttposters take measures to post around the hashbrown or something



Obsessed Faggots





Discord Servers
/soy/'s log on October 26th, 2023.

The Mutt-Euro War, also known as the great euro-american war that saved the sharty in the great glisterald winter of 2023 or something is a war orchestrated by the Jews[it just is, ok?] in order to keep incels divided and fighting amongst themselves or something like that.

It began on October 26th, 2023, when a handful of butthurt spergs[1] began counter-spamming euromutt as a response to the muttgemmingspam that has become prevalent on the site throughout October.

During this war a Christmas-Eve-due thread on /soy/ bumo-petitioning for Froot to remove the hashban for the original Amerimutt image. Which went successfully


  1. a majority american posters never really cared about it, since most muttposters themselves were americans, it's probably a handful of retards that can't take a joke or some discord server though
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