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Walkable cities are trans btw, if that matters.

Walkable cities is SILESIAN VANTABLACK BRIMSTONE straight from the FIERY DEPTHS OF NIGGERHELL!!!!!!!!!!!



Urbanists love hating cars to an obsessive degree for some reason.

Walkable cities are cities designed for walking rather than driving. it's an idea pushed by a relatively new form of soyim called Urbanists, who's main goal in life is to hate anything white people like, suburban lifestyle included. Their most well-known "organization" and breeding ground is a single youtubeer called Notjustbikes , but most of them can be found hanging around internet comment sections, larping as Europeans who are shocked at how car-centered American cities are.

You WILL live in the shitty apartaments. You WILL pay rent. You WILL ride the bus with obese drug addicts. You WILL ride the bike. You will NOT have fun running people over with your car. You will NOT have a nice lawn. You will NOT have privacy.

The Notjustbikes copypasta

>Dont you love living in a big metal coffin. I love biking to work and eating ulraprocessed foods in my mega ultra claustrophobic city with no backyards, playgrounds, or room for my children. I love not having a car because it forces me to never leave the city and go other places that my shitty 100 dollar train cant take me. And because I cant bike for more than 1 mile im forced in this super amazing not dytopia non-car city that I LOVE

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An analysis of the urbanist mindset

The thing about walkable city enthusiasts is that the problem they bring up is entirely made up.[1] Mutt cities really are fine and having to drive 60+ minutes a day just to go to work is not an issue for people with normal attention spans. The urbanist does not understand that the reason people prefer to live in suburban homes is so they can get away from niggers. Walkable european cities like they existed 100 years ago were only possible because of a lack of niggers ruining it. Therefore the only logical praxis to urbanism is to first enact TND.

Also every city is walkable just use your legs. (You fucking obese nigger)

Things to do in a walkable city

What not to do in a walkable city/what to bring

How to leave a walkable city

If your planning on leaving a walkable city you need to know 3 things. first off the train only takes you to more walkable cities so unless you plan walking for 18 miles to finally escape to the countryside you're fucked. Also make sure to You should not leave a walkable city because it is a utopia and is the new sustainable future of the world. Its time to go back to your coffin pod home and enjoy your ultra processed bug burger

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  1. Those this means these soys are right? OH MY HECKING SCIENCE, WHAT A PLOT-TWIST!!