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As of March 13, 2024[1], the shitty now features its own set of autistic discord emotes emoji which can be added to posts. Emoji names must be surrounded by square brackets.

Preview Shortcode Depicts
[a24] A24 Slow-Burn Soyjak
[ack] Hanging troonjak
[amerimutt] Amerimutt
[army2] Impish Soyak Ears as a soldier
[army] Feraljak as a soldier
[baby] Babyjak
[bernd] Front-Facing Guinness World Record Soyjak
[chud] Walking chudjak
[coal] Coal
[cob] Cobson
[colorjak] Wholesome colorjak
[cry] Crying soyak
[dancingswede] Dancing swede
[doctos] Doctos
[euromutt] Euromutt
[fact] Fact sign
[feral_animated] Animated feraljak
[feralrage] Seething feraljak
[gem] Gem
[gigachad] Gigachad
[impish] Impish Soyak Ears
[jacobson] Jacobson
[jew] Happy merchant
[jig] Dancing soyak
[med] Markiplier Soyjak as a spinning pill
[microjaklover] Science Lover Soyjak
[neutralplier] Neutralplier
[nojak] Nojak
[over] Soytan, captioned IT'S OVER
[pepe] Smug pepe
[pepetux] Pepe wearing a tuxedo
[pepetwerk] Pepe dancing
[perrojak] Perro Rabioso Soyjak
[posteditagain] Posted it again award
[selfish] Cryboy Soyjak
[sisa] Israeli Soyjak, Oh My God She is So Attractive
[slf] Selfish Little Fuck
[smug] Smug soyak
[smugsoyak] Smug soyak, arms crossed
[soot] Soot
[soyak] Soyak
[soyberg] Dr. Soyberg
[soytan] Soytan
[sprokejak] Sprokejak
[squirrel] Squirreljak
[swede] Impish Soyak Ears
[though] Thougher
[transheart] Transgender flag heart, as worn by shirtjak
[trio] Soyjak Trio
[trvke] Cobson holding a TRVTHNVKE sign
[wew] Wewjak
[wholesome] Wholesome Soyjak
[wholesomegem] Wholesome Soyjak holding a gem
[wholesomeheart] Wholesome Soyjak holding a heart

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