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Xhey really look like this GEEEEGGGGGGGGG

The Foodists are a group of failtrolls named after an infamous former YouTube troll named Foodistzen who are notorious for doxing random e-celebs over Shit Nobody Cares About, making fun of dead people, spamming animal and child gore and 'p, grooming minors into self-harm, and other similar activities. They tend to be between 8-14 years old. This group started joining the website after Kuz bought it, and theories exist out there that they were invited or welcomed onto the site. They are also avid Discord users.

They often engage in psyops and other guerilla advertising to get more minors to groom. Xey are also somewhat related to trihards and make up a good amount of 'cord users on the sharty.

The foodists were officially disbanded in April 2023 by their leader Foodistzen after he decided to take the self-improvement pill and become religious (and also got interrogated by the FBI for apparently posting school shooting threats), although his head admins, Prodisty and Necrotron aka femfurry (who are both unironic weeb autists, furfaggots, and self-admitted pedophiles who were in QAfe who have posted broken sharty references onto their now inactive 'tube channels, indicating interest in shilling their 'cord garbage on the site, such us posting a poll asking if "the cobson meme is brimstone n****r coal" with the only two voting options both being "It is", posting the "averi" fox, posting twitter-esque soyjaks and chudjak memes with the discord font text, etc) decided to form their own server that interacts with some of the sharty-adjacent 'cords,[1][2] and Foodistzen still shares a server with a similar troll known as Sam Lakehunt. As a result many 'cord users still identify as foodists to this day. It's also rumoured that they engage in "unironic diaper furry roleplay" on their 'cord servers.

It goes without saying that they are indeed 'cord offsiters who don't care about soy culture and just see the site as a means of recruiting vulnerable users who don't know any better onto their 'cord servers in order to groom them, and will not hesitate in pretending to be soyteens and using sharty memes as a means of achieving their "goals" aka grooming.

Relation to the sharty

Sadly, foodists have a long running history of being associated with Experts have pointed out how foodists are basically everything outsiders think the sharty is: they're literal children who unashamedly post 'p while doxing nobodies and (failing to) raid sites. This similarity has made jarty users to accuse the sharty of being irredeemably infested with foodists. An example of foodisttrannies on the sharty is the infamous basement dwelling pajeet bu5t.

Recent rule changes like the banning of TND or the temporary ban on doxxing literal whos has made a lot of foodists leave the site. Thoughever you can still occasionally see them failwiping the catalogue.

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