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Article Chudding

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Article Chudding is the act of copying an article from another wiki (such as the soyjak wiki soypedia) and pasting its source in another wiki.

Why it's not stealing

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If a nigger steals your bike then you don't have a bike anymore. So you have to use (((public transport))) and get crushed to death by the plus sized black trans queen passengers If I copy text from a book I borrowed then the original text is still preserved. So nothing is stolen. Wikipedia is like a book everyone has access to and so anyone can copy it. If you disagree you are a copyright loving troon

How to Article Chud

Find the page you want to steal copy and click edit source. Then ctrl+a everything in the text box. Then create a new page with the same title. Finally just paste the source. Check for any missing images and you are done. Should be easy if you have edited a wiki before.

>I hate article chudding because I have a silly yummy pancake on my head!

Transhearting that ED

It is no secret that many of this wiki's pages (mainly templates) are copied from Dramatica. The correct way of copying from ED is to add an IAS spin to the content, otherwise that lulz template will look really out of place on a bald cartoon men with glasses wiki. Here are the good examples of chudding from ED:

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