Times Square Takeover

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Times Square Takeover is a failraid.
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The original thread.

Operation Times Square Takeover was a failed plan by soyteens to use TSX to post a soyjak video ad. Although originally plans were going well, snitches worked to foil the plan.

The plan

The plan was to simply just get a soyjak on the billboard for the allotted 15 seconds, which was believed to be pretty easy to do, as Twitter users were able to get Friday Night Funkin' and other content there.[1] A few 'teens tried to get a videos of Nikocado Avocado and dancing swede.[2]

The snitch

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The snitch causes the earlier feraljak video to be cancelled.
The snitch contacts TSX.
The snitch, smug at this point, posts their victory.

A couple hours before the videos were to air, a snitch e-mailed TSX and asked them to take down the videos, in which they obliged. This same user then made a large amount of posts about it. A short while later, this snitch successfully got TSX to 'nish any soyjak video from being approved due to being "alt-right."[3]

The snitch is widely believed to be from Discord, due to certain Discord users derailing other raids within the past couple of weeks.

DOLL makes an attempt.

DOLL later attempted to post his own videos. In an attempt to thwart the snitch, DOLL would not say what the video's content would be, nor what time it would be posted. A few other soyteens attempted to get extremely mundane videos posted, but TSX, using the words of the snitch, would cancel and refund every single video that contained a soyjak, all for "hateful content."

Afterwards, some soyteens gave up and DOLL said that he would attempt to rent a billboard in the midwest instead and also pay for a cameo.com video.[4] A few soyteens also e-mailed TSX explaining the situation, but they never responded to any of them.

ChudBob SoyPants

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On July 6, the day before the initial thread, a Twittercoaler got a 15 second clip of a SpongeBob Chudjak edit up on the billboard. Reception was very mixed.[5] However Doll and peer reviewed experts have determined that this was in reality a gem because Doll himself tried to put that exact video up on the billboard.[it just is, ok?]


witnessing farty her story right now

On July 8, a 'teen puts up a small poster in front of the billboard company's parent office as retribution for the rejected 'jaks. Some 'teens also tried 'oxing employees at the company. [6]


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