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Preventing a failraid

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Don't rely on others to do to the raid for you

99% percent of raids fail because everyone expects someone else to do the work for them. When it comes to raiding you truly get out what you put in. Do you want to see that raid completed successfully? then your going to have to work for it. don't just rely on someone else to do the work for you. Raiding is a hard job/task.

Dealing with Demoralization Coal

>NOOOOOOOO these raiders are actually making progress on the thread SAGE SAGE. I need to post demoralization coal I cant let them win

Demoralizers are people who are raiding your raid. They do this by posting false stuff to make others falsely believe a raid is impossible. Remember that these de moralizers posted the same coal when we raided The Coffin of Andy and Leyley and Revsaysdesu saying it was impossible and to "give up now". And yet every time we succeeded. If you encounter a bunch of demoralization coal here are some steps to deal with it.

Remind raiders that these people have no interest in this raid and want us to fail

Remember that these people want this raid to fail. Giving them what they want is giving the side your fighting against the key to victory. Agreeing with de moralizers is agreeing with the enemy and saying "im a massive faggot who supports jews"

Tell raiders to ignore them and to continue on.

Another great way to deal with them is to call out their bullshit. Don't sound to seething but just point out there obvious attempts to demoralize the teens in the thread

Post stuff to motivate teens in retaliation. Remind them that we have dealt with bigger and worse threats that seemed impossible

The title says it all.

Remember that as a raider it is important to remember that doing your part isn't just about contributing to the raid. But also keeping other raiders morale high, calling out demoralization coal, preventing infighting and also posting updates and keeping others informed

Posting updates/summarizes of a raid thread

When a raid gets popular/active there can be thousands of posts. this can make it daunting for new teens that want to join in on the raid. No one wants to read 1000s of words for something they don't even know will succeed. Posting short summaries of a raids progress can save newteens hours and make it less daunting for them. Make sure to put an attention grabbing image so it gets the newteens' attention.

Example attention grabbing image

Keeping morale high

Remember that the Soybooru has alot of great moralization gems

Remember that alot of raids fail because teens fall into a cycle of "this is impossible" or "no one is viewing this thread". It is your duty as a raider to keep there Morales high otherwise failure is imminent

Post updates and progress! Be active in the thread

If you have found a lead then POST IT in the thread. Don't just sit there and wait. even if you don't have anything to post just post something in there anyways. it could be a useless update or a simple "hi". Whatever it is it shows that the thread still has people active in it. Do remember that snitches do view threads and sometimes it might be best to withhold information if you believe that a snitch could use it to ruin the fun

Prevent infighting

There may be times where arguments break out and people start to split up. in these times its important to defuse the situation and remind them that there causing the raid to turn into a fail raid. Sometimes you have to put aside your awful differences in order to work together to succeed.

Remember that the job is never done until victory is finished!

Make a bunch of alternate accounts before going all in

If the thing your raiding requires an account make sure to make a bunch of alternate accounts before your team of raiders goes all in and raids. That way if one gets banned you can easily switch to the next. DO NOTE THAT YOU WANT THE ACCOUNT USERNAME TO BLEND IN WITH NORMALFAGS (snitches are everywhere)

Stuff to remember

No fight was ever won purely defensively

In order to finish or work on a raid your gonna have to play offense. No sitting back

Make sure there's enough raiders before going in

ALOT of newteens make the mistake of thinking "eh im sure we have enough people to raid" and go in and fail. It takes 10-15 minutes to create a account or alt account while it only takes 10 seconds for a janny to ban you. If you want to win you have to use numbers to your advantage.

Tell people what YOUR going to do

Raids are more likely to succedd when people say what each of them are doing at the moment to complete the raid. having records and information like that will help newteens figure out whats needed or if theres already enough people doing x or y

Educate yourself on raiding

I know it may seem obvious but the better you are at raiding the better you can contribute to raids. The following are some guides that should help you get better at being a true aryan. Mastering these will make you an effective /raid/ soldier on almost any /raid/ thread

Learn about and how to bypass ban evasion

learn about IP loggers and how to make one yourself (shitty coal news site I know. but still somewhat useful. we need a better guide)

learn about derailing and how to successfully derail an entire thread(GEM)

Learn to use tools like sherlock to find peoples hidden social medias / everything about them

Learn how to use other archiving sites other than the internet archive to archive important threads for years to come

Learn how to make your own stealthjak (great for raiding imageboards)

Read successful doxes and see how they were done. (see

Ask others about how raiding was done. If your kind enough and say you care enough about the sharty and just want to help. they might just teach you way more than this page ever could

Learn how to make motivational gems/jaks. The best way to do this is to learn photo editing programs like gimp ( Although if your making posters than use powerpoint(trust me it saves you hours than using image editing programs) Take inspiration from the soybooru as well if your stuck

Learn to use ChatGPT to write convincing fake emails. Great for writing fake sponsorship emails and tricking your target into clicking on a link

Learn how to spot when your being manipulated by a demoralizer (see previous successful raid threads and look for demoralization posts to see there tactics)

Learn about VPNs and how to mask your ip (Note this article is paid and biased as fuck. there's a section on vpns in the Ban evasion page on the soyjak wiki that gives you a list of some free vpns and which vpn is the best)

Stuff like geoguesser can be great practice for doxxing

Most important page

REMEMBER that raiding takes alot of hard work! don't expect everything to happen overnight.

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