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September 10th Roblox Raid

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September 10th Roblox Raid
Part of heckin' epic roblox raids

a group of 'teens in the meeting game
DateSeptember 10th 2023


Supported by:

'party jannies


Supported by:

Roblox jannies (a.k.a. Rajesh Rithvik)

40 'teens

1 frogtroon

∞ kids

2 mass repliers
Casualties and losses

Multiple accounts warned and banned

thread deleted
Being clueless

Also known as the 10th-11th September roblox raid for ESL niggers

On September 10, 2023, over 40 Soyteens raided Roblox. Initially, they raided some drawing games and Da Hood until a new thread was made[1], which exploded in popularity. The 'teens initially raided Rate My Avatar using decals from the "SoyjakPartyArchive" Roblox account, before moving onto the Soy Meeting game to regroup. The 'teens then moved onto Club Iris, which had an account age limit and thus led to a bunch of 'teens splintering off. Among the 'teens who were unable to get in was the Mymy avatar named "SheWillAlwaysBeAGem", who led an exodus of splinter 'teens to Zeppelin Wars, taking about half of the raiding base.

The main group however continued on nonetheless, raiding Da Hood which led to a moderately successful raid until the 'teens encountered Captain Coal in-game, after which the 'teens became aimless and just began killing each other. When the 'teens regrouped, the splinter agreed to return under the leadership of SheWillAlwaysBeAGem, which led to the main guy leading the raid to troon out as Captain Coal, Mymy, and (briefly) Soot (Misha actually) who had briefly joined refused to change their outfits after which he eventually conceded. The second-in-command of the raid, “Ghoot”, was absolutely mindbroken by the guy dressed as Captain Coal and the guy dressed as Mymy, because they refused to wear the “Diamond Man” outfits.

The 'teens went on to raid their Magnum Opus, Frappe. 'teens bombarded the game, asking for Soylent, for BBC, for BWC, whilst Mymy asked for Stroopwaffels. Several Frappe Medium Ranks joined, saw what was going on, and left immediately until a horde of Medium Ranks banned all the 'teens. At this point, the guy behind the SoyjakPartyArchive account left the raid whilst the 'teens went onto raid a church game.

After that, they went to Nation Rising Simulator and it severely failed. After that they went to Airship Assault. Many couldn't join.




The 'teen who started the thread and raiderald, deformedcolorjak, had xis own soy meetup game, where-in xe had organized the first 2 raids. After that, though, came Ghougan (also known as Ghoot), who had xher own raid game which many considered to be better. There was some controversy as to which game to use, but in the end, Ghoot's game won.

Mid-way through the raid (during the splintering), Ghoot in his infinite tranitor wisdom forced every 'teen to wear a gem avatar. Even THOUGH it was a gemmy idea, there were some who were against the idea of themselves wearing the Gemvatar, mainly due to them wearing Sharty culture. This caused Ghoot to have a fucking conniption and draw out the meeting before the raid for an extra 10 minutes or so (I don't know how long, I forgot and didn't record that part.)

Late into the raid, Ghougan being the selfish little fuck that he is decided to delete the thread[1], the reason is unknown, probably due to him beginning to lose control of the raid or dwindling numbers.


The reader should note that precipitating this massive raid were anxieties about raids being ‘nished from /soy/, declining PPH, soy culture getting boring with no new OC, and the “Coal Police” instituting a no fun allowed policy. This raid was the moralising ruby that the Sparty desperately needed.

16th of September Weekend raid Comeback[2]

it was big, it had major drawbacks, kid named "nate higgers" (not the actual one) decided it was a good idea to betray the sharty (because he's a selfish little fuck)

of course, major characters like Mymy, Captain Coal and Sootsha appeared. Ghoot was the host but he wasn't the bunker's owner. the owner of the official Soyteen roblox group appeared doe.

it was recorded btw[3][4][5]

another raid started on the 17th, during it ghoot was replaced by some other soyteen. The rest of the raid was spent arguing which game to raid.

A continuation raid was planned the next day, though it never happened.

Gallery (Not in Chronological Order)

Furthermore, several recordings of the raid were made by the 'teens behind the SoyjakPartyArchive and SheWillAlwaysBeAGem accounts.[6][7][8]


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