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Ss14 raiding

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SS14 Raiding is a currently unproven and purely hypothetical raid, however, SS14 is full of trannies, jannies and the game itself is somewhat hard to learn, making it a high risk raid but the reactions from the crew can be gemmy.


You WILL join as a passenger, with no hair, brown eyes and a 9 O'clock shadow, glasses can be found in the library and masks can be found in the survival box in your backpack (more traditional masks can be found in medical), go around telling people to put their mask on. if there are a good amount of 'teens in already, maximise melanin and an afro (Specialised 'teens may choose engineer, chemist or science) ALWAYS USE A NEW CHARACTER NAME EACH ROUND.

You WILL NOT chose a name like "nigger killer" or "chudbob88" as, jannies are very active, but names like "Chud Gunderson" (a real name I've seen in game, but unlikely to be a 'teen) are acceptable.

Basic Controls

Shift + click to inspect;

Z to use item in hand (such as drink, eat or cycle a gun, you can also "wield" the baseball bat and axe to increase damage while putting it in both hands);

X to change hands;

E to use items in the world, such as opening a locker with your hands full (Like Z but for items you don't have in your hands, you can also just click in some scenarios). You can also use it to open things like backpacks whether on the floor or not;

Alt + click for alternate action, such as taking a magazine out of a gun and locking a locker;

V to open inventory;

C to see your traitor objectives, if you have any;

K to open abilities menu and assign abilities to numbers on your keyboard by dragging them to the left side of your screen (default abilities are 1 for harm mode and 2 for screaming);

To steal from someone use your mouse to drag their character onto yours and click what you want to remove from their character, people will usually notice unless they are distracted or crit (on the ground unable to get back up, will die without medical attention).


There are too many ways to begin TTD, here are just some I can remember.

1. Equipping a crowbar, which also has utility outside of caving tranny skulls in (remember to turn on harm mode);

2. Asking botany (hydro) for a hatchet/spade;

3. crafting a baseball bat for 5 wood, which can be found in the maintenance shafts, asking cargo or by destroying wooden chairs/barricades/tables (be careful when taking wood from the bar), you can also disassemble wooden barricades with a crowbar;

4. Use a crowbar to rip up a floor tile and throw it (CTRL + Q), you can also do the same thing with beakers, occasionally knocking them to the ground; (using these as weapons is a bad idea unless you craft a pneumatic cannon in the crafting menu (g))

5. Modular grenades, press G to find and craft it, ask cargo or engineering for the steel, engineering for the lv cable, science for the trigger + payload and chemistry, located in medical or science for two (preferably large) beakers full of whatever chemical combination you want. you can also get large beakers from the chef and science can also build chem machines to replace chemistry;

Some examples are 50u water and 50u unstable mutagen in one beaker and 50u unstable mutagen and 50u fluorosurfactant for a radioactive foam bomb, which deals 89 toxic damage if someone is inside for the whole duration, which is just short of critting someone, or you can make sulfuric acid foam which does less damage initially but can crit someone (100+ poison damage) if they stay in the foam for the full duration as well as burning them for 10 damage.

(CLASSIFIED TTD RECIPE ALERT! 50 fluorosurfactant and 45 chloral hydrate and 5 space lube in one beaker and 50 water and 45 chloral hydrate and 5 space lube in the other beaker to make a foam bomb that poisons and sleeps people so you can beat them to death with a baseball bat or toolbox).

Check out the chemistry wiki and mess around in a private game (run 'robustserver.exe', open up SS14 server browser and direct connect to 'localhost') to find the deadliest combination.

But how will I get someone to stay in the radius? Well if your target is the HoP (Head of Personnel) you can get another chud to seal the door to their office (depending on the map) while you throw it in, if they try to jump out the window follow number 6.

6. Make a crude spear with 2 metal rods, 2 lv cable and one glass shard. metal rods can be made with metal harvested from tables using a wrench or ask for them at cargo/engineering and glass shards can be made by smashing glasses, but don't just grab one out the bar and smash it on the spot or the bartender may get mad and shoot their shotgun at you.

You can also add 2 units of liquids (reagents) like unstable mutagen on the tip of the spear, transferring 1u into the person when hit. If you get welding fuel and put it on the spear it deals extra poison damage (best normally accessible poison is amatoxin from grinding up amanita mushrooms which botany can get from cargo exotic seeds crate);

7. You can use 15 lv cable to craft makeshift cuffs (CLASSIFIED TTD RECIPE ALERT! slip someone with a banana peel and cuff them and they won't be able to do anything about it unless they have syndicate items or yellow galoshes);

8. If you spawn as a bartender you get free and legal access to a double barrel shotgun with rubber bullets that stun for a long time if you hit both shots (they act like slugs)(use any cuffs so they can't just get up and run away);

9. To reload a pistol or rifle or SMG you will need to press X to switch hands, then alt + click the gun to eject the magazine, throw it away, grab a second magazine from your backpack (Shift + B to pull the most recent thing out of your backpack and Shift + E to do the same but with your belt) and put it in the gun, then press Z to chamber the round;

10. When in combat mode left click to regular attack, press right click to swing your weapon physically which is much easier to land but won't hurt certain things such as dead people;

11. If you deal 300 blunt damage to somebody then they will gib, destroying their brain by eating it or feeding it to a station pet will completely round remove them.


Your enemies are very powerful, in the event of a raid there WILL be high casualties.

1. Jannies are active and highly deadly, their powers are unrivalled, such as turning every 'teen into bread or exploding them on the spot, distractions such as bogus AHELP's will be necessary but will be short lived, unless you are a traitor;

2. Security can stun and cuff you if they are competent, which most aren't but DO NOT underestimate, they also have access to flashbangs, which are nullified by their sunglasses, riot gear encluding shields and lethal weapons. However, securities first resort will be non lethal and usually wont be carrying any lethal weaponry and general sentiment even amongst non 'teens is usually negative, so if you see a secoff (short for security officer) using harm mode on their baton (stun mode will make the baton glow at the tip) make sure to yell HARM BATON and you may get some non 'teens on your side (even doe harm baton is barely ever used). if they have their baton in their hand you can slip them with a banana peel or soap to make them drop it and use it against them, maybe even arresting them with your own makeshift cuffs. if you manage to do this you can take their gear and PDA to impersonate them;

3. Nuclear operatives, also known as nukies are a team of ~5 heavily geared super traitors clad in bloodred hardsuits (dead space suits), their objective is to destroy the station by finding the nuclear authentication disk and activate a nuke, despite this, unless all the nukies are 'teens or a 'teen manages to convince the other nukies that 'teens are on their side (which is against the trannyfag rules) they will be hostile and will most likely space (let space into the room) any room they come into, making it uninhabitable unless you have an EVA or hardsuit. if you are a nukie make sure you inspect every nuke you see, incase it's the wrong nuke or just a beer keg.


Traitors, you will know you are a traitor by hearing someone say "whiskey echo whiskey, lima alpha delta" when you spawn in or if you press C and see 3 objectives such as "steal corgi meat". being a traitor means you can't be banned by your actions, you can also have 20TC to spawn in traitor items such as composite C4 (2TC), which can be used to break into security by being placed on walls and powerful weapons, such as the energy sword and can cheaply arm 9 people by buying 9 mosins (2TC each) and 1 .30 rifle ammo box (2TC) though an uplink in your PDA ( you can also purchase an EMAG to instantly open and keep open any door, it has limited charges but will recharge over time. remember to only buy equipment when you need it.

How to hack doors

Hacking doors is somewhat simple, you will need: insulated gloves (from engineering, this will prevent you from being shocked while doing this, budget ones aren't good enough), a screwdriver, wire cutter, multitool (optional but very useful) and a crowbar. Once you figure out what each wire does it will do the same thing for every door.


first use the screwdriver on the door to open the maintenance panel, then press E on the door, this will open a menu with wires and lights indicating the status of certain door functions, use the multitool to pulse (click the yellow bits) a wire, if all the lights at the top go dark then you just turned off the power to the door, you can either open the door with a crowbar, but the power will be returned eventually or snip the wire you pulsed so power will never be returned unless someone reconnects the wire. make sure to close the maintenance panel once you're done

if you don't have a multitool you can snip random wires until the lights go out, but if you accidentally bolt it you're kind of fucked, you may need a multitool or just snip the wire over and over until it unbolts


Bolting a door means no one can open a door unless the bolt is undone by using a remote or doing what im just about to tell you. To bolt a door open the maintenance panel and fish for the bolt wire with the multitool if you don't have a multitool you can snip random wires until the door is bolted.


Opening the maintenance panel and snipping a wire will electrify the door, meaning anyone without insulated gloves will be shocked trying to open or touch the door.


If you snip the "SAFE" wire, whenit closes on someone it will crush them, dealing 15 brute damage (healed with bicaridine drug) and knocking them down, you can also snip the "TIMR" wire to make it so when they get crushed they only have a very small window of opportunity to escape.


If you snip the ACC wire, then anyone will be able to dispense any item from the machine.


US Wizard's Den Lizard is highly populated usually reaching the maximum of 80 players, however this means that jannies are very active. This is a 'LRP' or low roleplay server though, meaning there is a chance jannies will let us organize a riot as long as it doesn't break their rules.


Stuff that likely won't get you in OOC trouble but still will cause massive amounts of seethe.

  1. Telling people to wear the masks.
  2. Minor vandalism (barricading , deconstructing chairs and tables).
  3. Tripping people with soap or banana peels.

Chudding it up

Rule 1 of chudding it up in ss14, everyone chuds it up all at once so the most amount of chuddery is completed before jannies get involved, below is a list of activities other than yelling slurs or drawing swastikas on the ground with crayon.

  1. Welderbomb, find a fuel tank in maintenance, drag it to your target location, light a welder and hit it, the resulting explosion will devastate you and anyone nearby;
  2. If you have access to atmospherics you can craft pipes to lead plasma (highly flammable gas that is also deadly to breathe) into the main air distribution pipes (usually cyan, let the plasma build up before releasing it or else the station wont be instantly flooded, and turn the plasma pump on max pressure), keep in mind that a pure plasma environment won't burn, it also needs oxygen to burn;
  3. Spawning as botany, drain the hydroponics vending machines of weed spray and throw them into space or empty them, then, using an eyedropper of unstable mutagen (ask chemistry) transfer 1u into a hydroponics bay with a plant fully grown inside, with any luck you will make kudzu, which will spread. let it outside botany in anyway you can, open the kitchen door, maintenance doors, through any and all doors you can.
  4. If you spawn as science you can turn the anomaly generating machine on (requires the plasma item to charge) and hide the A.P.E.'s (machines that destroy anomalies for science points) in maintenance or throw them into space if you can (you can alternatively do the same thing with anomaly scanners but this is much harder unless you raid the lockers before anyone else), the consequences of doing this varies depending on the anomaly. meat anomalies spawn waves of enemies until destroyed by an A.P.E. with or exploding by itself, creating meat kudzu which inflicts brute damage and causing bleeding. the heat anomaly which is purple in colour and spikey in shape will heat up the room it's in, when it explodes it will produce a massive heatwave, like kudzu try to open up as many doors as possible to get anywhere you can hot as can be. a crowbar will be required to open the firedoors that will try to contain the heat;
  5. You can make a swastika identically to how you would in a Habbo raid;
  6. Crayons can be found throughout the map or in autistic artistic crates ordered by cargo which can write anything like 1488 on the ground, but the letters can be easily removed by ripping up the floor tiles with a crowbar;
  7. Break into the bridge and find the communications console and announce to the whole server whatever you want as long as you have command access, steal the HoP's (Head of Personnel) ID card, put it in the ID card machine, then put your own in (alt+click your PDA) and click 'command';
  8. Find an instrument or spawn as a musician and play erika midis, but don't play anything about Among Us, I've seen people get smited by the admins for doing that.

Avoiding IC punishment

1. Put your ID or PDA with your ID inside in your backpack and wear a gas mask (found in fire lockers or if you ask science nicely) or welding mask (ask engineering). this will hide your identity in such a way that anyone who inspects you will only see 'young man', but if you speak they will see your name unless you're a traitor and buy a voice changing mask;

2. Wear burner clothes, you can get these from a clothesmate near dorms or on the arrivals shuttle;

3. Wear gloves when you do or touch something illegal or your burner clothes, preferably black gloves as security use them;

4. Use the maintenance tunnels over the main hallways;

5. Avoid going to the bar, get your food and water from vending machines across the station;

6. If you're in a chase throw soap, banana peels or spray space lube behind you to trip your pursuers and maybe even take their weapon;

7. If you're a traitor, buy an agent ID and/or the voice changer mask to impersonate others.


Group up in the maintenance outside sec (such as on Bagel Station) and C4/emag your way into armoury (if you click a wall with a C4 you will plant it on that wall) if you decide to hack into the armory the old fashioned way it works just the same as hacking a regular door but with more wires, if you can't do that either just destroy the glass, a wielded fire axe works the best.

Most of the time there will be emplacement flashes inside the armoury that flash you when you run past, to disarm these hold shift to walk so you don't activate them and unanchor them with a wrench or you can ignore them if you have a welding mask or security glasses on (engineering and secoffs have them).

If you're a nukie and you're on a map like Marathon Station or even better, Barratry you can easily attack security first through the armoury so they don't have time to react.

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