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Woman Raid

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Woman Raid is a failraid.
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Woman Raid
Part of Operation Wikisneedia
Date08/30/2023, 1 day
Result Party fail, chuds were wiped within an instant, 'pedia trannies remain trannying, woman entry still has the "woman". conflict stalled and gone into a halt.


Supported By:

Allah-green /dawla/
Wikipedia Jannies
A Socialist Trans Girl

1 Batallion

Allah-green 4 LARPers
3-5 Troons
Casualties and losses

Lots of brave 'teens

Allah-green All 4 Larpers:

1 Muslim Martyr

1 Indian

1 Serb

1 Turk
Hope to become a woman one day Actually, None.

The raid

On 30 August 2023, chuds raided the talk page for the 'Woman' entry on Wikipedia, after discovering that the lead picture (which should be of a woman) was actually not a woman at all. 'Teens larping as ESLs made inflammatory comments on the talk page in Arabic and Hindi demanding the lead image (a tranny)[1] be replaced with a real woman, leading to an edit war and general shitflinging. The user pages of wikipedo jannies also received attention from sharty users.

Unfortunately the raid wasn't really effective. The 1st /Soy/ Shock Batallion was almost wiped down entirely by Trannypedia defenses before they even saw any action. 4 LARPers were turned into martyrs who died for the trvthfvl cavse of ISLAM. Because the 'pedia janitors are hypervigilant autists, many chud IPs were blocked before could even do any damage LOVE. However, plenty of gemmies arised from it. Thus and thoughever, the raid was considered a gemerald[2], nevertheless, though.

On 08/30/23 (Wed) 18:17:48, the thread has been moved to /test/... and... everyone forgot about it.


The 'pedia janitors probably felt a little more suicidal after getting harassed by a few ESLs, and probably a little more paranoid after some pages were vandalized. It is likely that the 4 fallen islamic warriors inspired the creation of /dawla/ due to the public outrage of the muslim majority in the 'party, upset because some american/european trannies murdered the 4 knights of Mohammed in cold blood.

"A woman"

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  1. male facial structure, male hands, generally also ugly
  2. snopes