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This page is a gem.

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.
Whatever the fuck this is is a gemmy browser game based on keyed swedish map games like EUIV. It plays like a lot of other .io games in that the simplistic gameplay only uses the left button of the mouse. In here, the main goal is to create your own Empire by expanding your borders and eating other players to achieve total dominance over a map.

The [SOYJAK] clan managed to climb the ranks into the Top 10, trumping some of the game's established clans, after 'teens simply started putting [SOYJAK] in their usernames.The final goal of [SOYJAK] is to achieve total [CORGI] death. This is causing a lot of documented seething and confusion in the game's Discord community, particularly as to who exactly are "the Soyjak people" and the mysterious "alt-right" website they come from.

After a few weeks of fighting, most 'teens gave up on the game, plummeting [SOYJAK] do the depths of niggerhell.

Operation History

The first [SOYJAK] victory that happened 3 days prior to the first thread.

The beginning

On February 16th 2024, the first chudcel decided to use the clan tag [SOYJAK] and won a 4 team battle. On February the 19th, the first thread has been posted, telling chuds to put [SOYJAK] in their name and go rape the clancels. The ultimate goal was to overthrow the [CORGI] clan.

Around an hour later, the first screenshoted soycel victory was posted.

On February 26th, [SOYJAK] overthrew [VICE] and got into the top 10.

The war

Tolkien is probably rolling in his grave btw

On February 28th, and after much unsuccessful negotiations for his unban from the official server[1], which he argued would be the first step towards a peace between the sharty and every other clan in the game, Doll formally declared war on everyone present in the discord[2], i.e. everyone else. Let non-soyjak blood be spilled.

The very same day, a cover of Theoden's speech to the Rohirrim from the slow burn, genre-redefining, norm-shattering, spine-tingling, era-defining and timeless movie Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King was written and posted on thread 6 after 3 consecutive formatting fails. A screenshot of the cover was almost immediatly taken by discord news server NTTV and thus very likely Muddy himself, before posting through xir news bot a very dramatic warning to all 'cord servers having it[3].

The next day, or during mutt hours depending on where you're from, a 'teen finally posted after multiple fails once again, a KINO and once again spine-tingling edit of the cover of theoden's speech to the thread, but instead of it being a speech like the original inspiration, it was rendered into a beautiful song sung by warriors from the highest places of AryanHeaven itself.


Every second you are on the map you gain points. These points count as the number of troops you have, and which you can use to attack, to defend, or to help other team members in need. The number of points you gain depends both on the size of your territory and on the number of troops you already have, which means the gains are exponential. Your points have a maximum limit that depends on how big your territory is. The count of your troops can be seen on the top of your screen, and your growth factors can be seen on the right. Once the top bar turns from green to red, you've reached the maximum of troops, or a state of diminished growth.

When playing in multiplayer, and since our goal is to get the sharty's clan up the list, put [soyjak] on your name before enterring.

Advanced guide

Your colour is the colour of your team


Before spawning in, pick a spot surrounded by as much open space as possible. No players no bots no anything, just open space. the more space the better.

If playing in groups, look at the colour of your name on the list of players at the top left, and place your dot near other dots of the same colour on the map. Place it not too far, not too near, and never on small islands or isolated places with no potential for expansion.

Early game

Place your consumption rate on the bottom bar around 25%, wait for your number of troops to rise to near the end of the first cycle, and start expending towards empty space slowly.

Cycles can be seen in the top bar, where your troops are numbered. At the sides of this bar, two vertical white bars rise slowly. Once they reach the top, a cycle has been ended. Once a cycle has been ended, your interest increases. The goal in spending in the early game is to wait till a cycle is almost ended and expand then. You start the first cycle by spending 25%. The second cycle, you go up to 35%, then 40%, then 45%, until there is no more free space to expand to.

Never place the rate above 50%

Once all the free space has been taken, reduce your consumption rate to aroud 15%., and get rid of the bots by attacking 1-3 at a time. It is best to attack bots who just sent all their troops to die in a massive and useless attack, to lose less of your own troops.

After getting rid of the bots ally all people surrounding you, you don't want them to suddenly sperg out and attack you out of nowhere. (break your alliance if needed)

Mid game

Stabilize your troops by not doing anything and remaining in your pod without complaining. Reduce your consumption rate to 10%. Never take on a player that has even half as much as you, especially if you have other enemies at your borders with even as much troops as you. Look carefully at your neighbours, if they are being attacked, if they are attacking, and at what your nearest ally is doing.

Hence, attack people only if they're free targets (getting attacked by multiple people, attacking someone with equal troops as themselves). It's at this point that it becomes a game of patience and opportunities, of sneak attacks, betrayal and viciousness.

Late game

Late game plays a lot like Mid game, but can and will vary depending on your placement of you and your team. Sometimes, allying yourself with weaker player and trying to destroy a bigger opponent is the best play in the long run. In others, attacking the weakest player is the best move. Other games will be spent sending troops to an ally at the front fighting in your stead.

Generally speaking, the weaker you are, the more you are looking for exceptionnal opportunities, and the stronger you are, the greedier you can get. Play smart, and ask for tips from other 'teens on the threads.

Overall, remember that this game is a slowburn : Play Safe at all times.


Due to the difficulty of coordinating all 'teens into a mass of obedient soldiers, some Einstein level high IQ DEITIES came up with strategies to help with coordination during the war. The veracity of their claims of potency is to be taken with a grain or the whole mine of salt with it, as the functionality of them, though seemingly evident, has in fact not been peer-reviewed by Snopes.


In the third thread, some 'teens came up with variants of gem and coal based on the military connotations of the game :

Note that these are only used by nobody other than retards.

^Disregard that I suck cocks btw


The Interview incident


On February 26th, 'teens began "visiting" other clans' 'cord servers, in the hopes of discovering what was said about the sharty by other players. It was discovered that the operation was labelled as coming from a group of "alt-right and neo-nazi members" best known for "raiding and posting gore"[4].

During these visits, a member of another 'cord server called MuddyPaws asked to talk to "the leader of [SOYJAK]" for an interview[5]. This was presented to Doll on a thread, and he quickly joined the server, only to discover that Muddy probably went to sleep, which left 'teens annoyed. A mod quickly interrupted the discussion and banhammered everyone, supposedly Doll included, which killed the opportunity.

We're open to everyone or however the tranny is seethed

On February 27th, a thread was made informing Doll that Muddy[6], reached out again asking for Doll. The Big Buddy once again accepted, and on the 28th, the interview finally happened and Doll posted about it in the fifth thread[7]. Muddy posted the Interview on a 'cord server he co-owns, News Times TV, which acts as a base of operation for a bot which a lot if not all servers seem to have, and who transmits News written on this server. This explains the schizophrenic and paranoid attitude some 'cord servers had with 'teens visiting them, as the label of alt-right and neonazism actually came from one of their members who then immeditatly proceeded to -ACK xherself and create xher own News server[4].

To this day, billions of 'teens get systematically genocided on the servers, which want nothing to do with the albeit innocent but successful 'teens they label as being >le evil nazi forum[8].

Getting [Soyjak] banned any%

Since the third thread, the operation has become more than just grinding our way up the list of best clans. Because of's clans' presence on da 'cord, some 'teens have gone out of their way to wage war on these servers and these clans in multiple ways, which some 'teens argue will negatively impact the sharty's clan.


On February 26th, it was discovered by 'teens that you could play a single game with multiple accounts by opening a new tab. This allows a 'teen to have 10-20 dummy accounts join under a specific clan tag, forcing those accounts to join the same team color as the real clan members, thus pushing out legitimate players and significantly reducing the chances of that clan winning the match due to being effectively outnumbered. Some 'teens troons <-- (actual meds) have claimed this "ruins the fun" and "will get us banned" or whatever clitty leakage comes out. (It most likely will at this point(Even if they will 'teens will just make another one or DNB spam the server so much that they back down) <-- No active player of the game approves this). Recent peer-reviewed studies suggest that by falseflagging you might actually helping your enemies win since they will have less bots of their own color occupying space and sitting on 5000 points the whole game only to be consumed by an enemy later. <--Fact check FALSE bots are spawned independently of player count and teams are autobalanced if there are too many on one team.

Since, the multitabbing has remained an active part of the game, the goal being to falseflag and make it harder for whichever clan these alt tabs account join to win. Every clan, including [soyjak][9], has been a target of such activities.

Gore spam

Since the same date, some 'teens have taken to 'cord servers and to the thread itself to spam gore and more specifically DNB, in the hopes of disrupting the other clans' activity, or to scare new immigrants away from the site. These spammers form a minority of the 'teens implicated in the operation, and receive mixed reception from other 'teens, which again argue that the end point will be our banning from the game.

On February 28th, a gore raid on the [ARCH] server caused a huge outcry against [SOYJAK] even though most of them didn't support the spam.

Tactical voice comms

One 'teen started a temporary voice chat on Jitsi, it worked really well and got us some major wins. There was a fag who used his real number in the chat, and doll joined near the end.


The rankings as of February 26th, 2024

[CORGI] is the top clan in, archrivals to [SOYJAK] as of February 28th, 2024, they sit at first place with a score of 16.19, a much higher score than that of the other clans.

The [CORGI] clan is lead by the jewtuber Corgi Circus who frequently livestreams, causing lobbies he joins to be flooded with his retarded fans.

Not even Reddit likes them, make of that what you will.


Sharty wins and MLGs

Sharty propaganda

Propaganda gems that WILL make 'teens fight harder.

See also


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