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The 'za has been ordered.

Kirbizia gives an introduction

Kelvin Francis 204 Fritillary Ct, Edgewater, MD 2103, better known as Kirbizia is a fat troon who got doxxed by the sharty.[1] Kelvin is best known for being a reddit drama queen and creating r/okbuddyretard, a "shitposting" subreddit, and many other big subreddits.[2] He is also a failed YouTuber.[3]

Pre-Sharty drama

In late 2018, Kelvin decided to leave r/okbuddyretard and many other subreddits for "mental health issues".

In January 2019 his mental health issues were gone[They just were, ok?] and he decided to come back as the owner to his other subreddits, and he was accepted to take the position in all except r/okbuddyretard - the biggest subreddit he previously owned.

After being rejected by the people himself appointed, he decided to stir up a massive reddit drama[4], calling his army of troons to shit on the r/okbuddyretard mod team for not letting the big boy come back. The subreddit was raided by his transgender flock, though to no avail, since the r/okbuddyretard jannies were not going to step back on their decision. After a few weeks, the drama then died out and Kelvin accepted his fate. He attempted to bargain with the r/okbuddyretard jannies[5] to atleast preserve some of his """legacy""" but they refused his offer and instead gave him the Nikolay Yezhov treatment. All mentions of him on the subreddit were wiped clean, "memes" mentioning him were banned, comments mentioning his name were automatically deleted.[6]

In March 13th, 2019, a 'farms thread[7] about xher shitty subreddit r/dogelore was created,which ended up exposing that one of the discord servers for the aforementioned subreddit was actually a minor grooming center where all sorts of valid, stunning and brave displays[8](caution, disgusting shit) happened.

Kelvin has never made a statement addressing the fact that he ran a pedophilic transgender cult since then. He may even have inspired other satanic LGBTQ 'cords to pop up[Xhe just did, ok?]

First Thread(s), Discovery, and Doxxing

Kelvin was first discovered by the sharty after making a video but "tds" (, nothing much was found except his id. The thread eventually died because not enough personal info on him was found.

Kelvin was found by the sharty on June 5th, 2023 via a Discord server that another tranny was in where the sharty and soyjaks were mentioned a lot.[9] It was soon discovered that on Kelvins Twitter account, he posted a tweet which showed "" in the favorites tab.[10] The dox would mostly take place in the Discord thread. 'Teens were able to retrieve his name, email addresses, IP address, and a (wrong) address. Many 'teens debated if the info was real, since the locations were scattered all over the place.

A 'teen made a quote retweet to Kelvin, which ended up getting more than 1 thousand likes[11] (though deleted). This caused Kelvin to lock his Twitter account, which made many 'teens to believe that the dox was real. A few days after the thread was made, a 'teen made a gemmy video where Kelvin embraces his true self.[12]

His real dox is btw

Second Thread, Deliveries, and Doxxing

On June 10th, 2023, a 'teen posted a thread on the sharty[13] showing that Kelvin unlocked his account, with an image of a tweet saying that he was doxxed because his latest video "Transgender Derangement Syndrome". Using the address from the last thread, 'teens ordered multiple different orders via Dominoes, which was apparently a mistake because Zachariah, a nigger (possibly a Jew)[14] was apparently slow as shit, taking more than half an hour to approve 4 liters of soda, and taking forever to prep the food. It would be fixed once David would be the fastest delivery driver known (except for stopping at Chick-Fil-A in the middle of the delivery). Every order from Dominoes would be cancelled when it arrived, and they soon stopped taking orders to that address. 'Teens then ordered hundreds of boxes to the address through USPS[15], ordered free Bibles and Qur'ans, and ordered Chinese food. The Chinese food most likely got declined, but the boxes didn't.

Zachariah struggling with all the work.

The mood of the thread would change once it's pointed out that the address we were sending to had a Calvin Francis, and not a Kevin Francis. This caused the thread to be spammed and derailed. During this, Kelvin would retweet his dox video, and saying that he doesn't care if the dox is posted. 'Teens would start to argue if the address was the correct address or not. That would change when a 'teen posted an infographic comparing an image tweet from Kelvin to a picture of the home's Zillow real estate photo gallery. This implied that some random person would soon receive hundreds of cardboard boxes, religious literature, and some tasty 'za.

'Teens would then start trying to send pizzas to the house, but they would be cancelled before they would even be made, making 'teens believe that the dox was correct. 'Teens would also try to send boxes to the address, but they would be cancelled, which showed 'teens that if you posted an order on the sharty, he'll try to cancel it. Kelvin would also make his Twitter account private again.

Skepticism would again go into if the new dox was legit, since a picture emerged showing wooded floors that the address didn't have. 'Teens would then start to wonder if the address was Kelvin's parents house, and he might not live there anymore. As the day was about to end, Kelvin would delete (or private) their Instagram.

The Return

On July 24 (or earlier because his twitter account locked down again ACKKKKKK), 2023, Kirbizia somehow reactivated his Twitter account after "moving away from social media forever".

On Feb 17, 2024, Kirbizia returned to the ‘ube.[16]

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